If you're like most mini-truckers, having something that's played-out or been around longer than a year or too can be similar to having a skin disease.

Everyone wants the newest, hottest parts they can get, and if they can get their truck modified on the cheap, then we're talking about bonus points and a bad-ass lookin' ride to-boot. Recently, Master Image Customs unveiled its new grilles for S-10 minis with the promise that they'd soon have versions for Toyotas, Nissans, and Mazdas.

Well, the wait is over, because these true mini-truck versions of its stainless grilles are finally here in three different configurations. To see how easy it is to transform the nose of your Mazda in only minutes, check out the following images.

To find out how to get one of these for yourself, contact M.I.C. using the information in the source box.

Master Image Customs