For The Pro In You
Mothers’ Professional Rubbing Compound and Finishing polish are the same formulas found in body and detail shops worldwide, but now they have been made available to you! These products streamline paint correction, and deliver brilliant color, enhance gloss, provide unmatched depth, and can be used with your favorite buffer/polisher. Together, these bottles can help defend your paint against scratches, water spots, abrasions, swirls, oxidization, hazing, and other annoying imperfections.

Attack of the Flat
Don’t get stranded in some desolate stretch of road like on The Hills Have Eyes. Pack one of Smittybilt’s tire plug kit. It comes complete with everything you need to get that tire to hold air and get you the heck outta Dodge. The package comes with 30 self-vulcanizing plugs, hand tools, lubricant, a folding knife, needle nose pliers, extra valve stems, pressure gauge, sidewall bailing wire, interior patches, and instructions with pictures!

So Ratchet!
Craftsman’s Max Axess Auto Ratchet is powered by their top-selling battery platform—the C23 19.2V. The Pass-thru design eliminates the need for deep sockets, and is the perfect addition to any house or garage. The ratchet head delivers 360 in/lb of torque (more than enough for efficient bolt tightening and removal), has a variable speed paddle switch (up to 225 rpm), and an LED work light for less than ideal working conditions.