Our ’79 Chevy Luv Junkyard Jewel project came factory equipped with a three-piece rear slider. Although popular when you were a kid because back in those irresponsible days we often climbed through the slider into the camper, now it’s just ugly and leaks.

The one-piece rear glass for this model, however, is one of those items that it seems is no longer available. Finding used glass in good shape is one option, finding a rare flex-thru window is another, and having a lexan/plexi glass window is yet another possible route. Each of these options has its pros and cons, but we chose to call our local glass shop and have a one-piece glass made. The final cost was in the neighborhood of $180 for the custom cut laminated glass and the new “generic” seal.

We opted to save a buck and pull the old slider and install the new glass ourselves. Keep in mind, that if you’re having glass cut for your truck you will want to use some type of safety glass, either laminated (breaks like a windshield), or tempered (crumbles like modern side glass into hundreds of small pebbles) and not just ordinary run of the mill glass, so that if it was ever to shatter, the shards of glass won’t cut your head off!

Thanks To:

Candy Shop Customs
Standard Screen Printing