Leather Lather

Mother's LeatherTech Moisture Infusion gel cream has advanced multi-layer hydration and anti-aging properties that outshine many other cleaning/protecting products. A moisture lock helps preserve your leather and prevents fading, drying, and cracking. Apply in one simple step, and ensure your skins will stay soft and healthy for years to come.


This mechanic's belt by Dickies features heavy double row stitching, 35mm genuine leather construction, and a covered plaque buckle that prevents it from leaving scratches while working on cars/trucks. Available in small, medium, large, and XL sizes (30-44 inches).

Black as Death

If you're a fan of satin black finishes, check out Eastwood's Dead Rat flat black system. It has a near-zero gloss finish, and is flatter than their Rat Rod satin black just in case you're wondering. This is the only single-stage acrylic urethane paint that produces this flat of a finish. The paint still has the durability and UV resistance from another other color, without with chalking. Get complete, smooth coverage in two medium wet coats.