The '79-'95 Toyota pickup rear axle is probably the most common found under import minitrucks out there. Whether it's on an actual Toyota pickup, a mini with a five-lug swap, or in our case, a Tacoma that needed a narrower axle to tuck wider wheels in combination with a bodydrop, they can be found all over the show grounds. With the popularity of these axles, it's a surprise there aren't an abundance of disc brake conversion kits made to fit them. Do a web search for a disc brake conversion kit for a Toyota axle—you won't find many low budget options. The problem with all the kits that are available is that they are all made for the 4WD six-lug versions. Well, now there is a low budget option for 2WD applications.

Through some trial and error, and a bunch of trips to the parts store, a low budget conversion was finally conceived. Tre5 Customs has come up with a bracket that will allow you to utilize common parts found at your local parts store. Not only does this keep the initial cost of the disc brake conversion kit down, it also keeps the maintenance costs low. The brackets are a one-piece design cut from 3/8-inch steel and are threaded to accept the calipers. The installation is a 100-percent bolt on kit, with zero welding involved.

Tre5 Customs offers this kit in several different packages. Contained in the complete kit are the brackets (right and left), discs, calipers and pads, and soft brake lines. The kit can also be purchased without the brake lines in case you would like to run a custom hard line setup across the axle. Keep in mind that the rotors are a floating design, so you would want to run a small section of soft line at each caliper. The brackets can also be purchased separately.

Follow along as Tre5 Customs performs the installation of their new kit on this '95 Toyota Tacoma. The truck's owner will now enjoy better stopping power and the great looks of a four-wheel disc brake setup.

Tre5 Customs