Must-See DVD
SoLo Films latest release, Inspired Lifestyle Part One, is out NOW! If you’re ready for two solid hours of footage from the hottest shows of 2012, along with handfuls of special features, then park yourself on the couch and press play. It’s going to be an awesome ride!

Steer Clear
Little Shop of Horrors offers a solution to having to notch the frame on ’bagged S-10s with aftermarket control arms. This replacement steering centerlink and tie-rod kit cures that nasty toe-out problem that goes along with laying your Dime out. LSOH’s tasty little kit helps you avoid cutting into the frame for 20s and 22s under a 27-inch OD. Anything over that size requires only small notches. Available in raw or black powdercoat.

Snap Backs
Earn instant style points with KIK’s latest addition to their lineup—the classic trucker snap back hat. Available in a whole bunch of color options to choose from, get one for every occasion like working on your truck, taking out the trash, picking up dog poop, or passing the po-po while railing down the highway at breakneck speed (psst … we’d recommend the murdered out hat for that activity.)