When you build a custom truck that sports a killer stereo system that includes the best electronics your money can buy and then 'bag your ride so you don't look like a sucker while you're out cruising, you're going to need extra power to supply those amp-sucking systems. After spending a whole night cruising the streets, pumping your tunes, and flexing your 'bags against every other person with a pumped-up ride, you may find it hard to start your truck again after that last visit to the gas station. To remedy this, we found an automotive battery that not only can take the abuse that mini-truckers throw at their vehicle's electrical systems every day, but is safer than most batteries on the market. The battery we found is a permanently sealed unit that can be safely installed inside a vehicle since it produces no gases. On the following pages, you'll get the low-down on installing a dual battery setup that will provide you with enough power to get your ride started again and on your way home. For more information on the products used, check out the source section of this article.

Odyssey PC 1200 Specs:

Battery Type:
The Odyssey PC 1200 is a sealed dry cell battery. It's a valve-regulated, acid-type that uses gas-recombination technology for longevity and renewal. The PC 1200 is built from a high-purity lead/tin grid existing in a starved electrolyte. Since the battery is permanently sealed, it does not produce gas and is safe for interior installations.

Battery Size:
Length of the PC 1200 is 7-7/8 inches, with a depth of 6-11/16 inches and a height measurement of 7-1/2 inches. Considering the output of this battery, it's the smallest, most powerful automotive energy cell we've seen to date.

Battery Weight:
Total weight of the PC 1200 is 38.0 pounds each.

Battery Output:
The Odyssey PC 1200 pulses 1,200 5-second cranking amps. That's a total of 630 cold-cranking amps to use the outdated method of cranking amps.

Recharging times:
Time needed on a 10-amp charger is only 4 hours, whereas charge time on a 20-amp charger is less at 3-1/2 hours for an optimal charge of 12.84 volts.

Deep-Cycle Life Expectancy:
The Odyssey PC 1200 can be deep-cycled as many as 500 times without damaging the battery.

Battery Life Expectancy:
Under medium to heavy-duty usage, the PC 1200 should last approximately five years. Under lighter-duty conditions, the service life of the PC 1200 may extend as long as eight years.

Parts list:

2 -- Odyssey PC 1200 dry cell batteries
20 feet 4-gauge Scosche Power EFX wire
(sold in 125- or 250-foot spools)
2 -- P4RTSI -- 4-gauge ring terminals
10 feet 8-gauge Scosche Power EFX wire
(sold in 250- or 500-foot spools)
1 -- PMBC200 -- 200-amp multi-battery contactor
4 -- PBCSGI -- Battery connection system terminals
1 -- P4RT-4 -- 4-gauge crimp-style ring terminals