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Buckin' Bronco
1971 Ford Bronco
Kim and Steve • Internetland, USA

"My daddy built this car just for me from the ground up. It has a 351 Windsor with a tunnel ram intake with two fours and a blower, it has a 9-inch positive traction rearend with 21½-inch wide wheels. I have given it a nickname, "Daddy's Girl". I have won six trophies with it already, just showed it for the first this summer."—Damn, why is your daddy so cool? Can he build us a badass truck too?

No Kitting Around
2000 Chevy S-10 Xtreme
George Heller • Jacksonville, FL

"This is my Dime! It's on 24s, has a 4.3L, and features Thorbecke Brothers control arms, and cantilever rear setup. It also has step shavers and a crooked tag in the gate. Future plans are to paint it, a V-8 swap, and to drive the sh*t out of it. P.S. for anybody who don't know, the frame is also on the ground—not just the kit. Lol."—Yeah, you tell those non-believing poop talkers!

Railin' Box
2006 Scion xB
Jim Osborn • Millington, IL

"I am trying to build this thing with true minitruck style. The phantom grille covers four Jeep CJ headlights, I shaved up the rear wiper, plate box, hood squirters fog lights, made a custom front bumper and roll pan, and the wheel arches have been reworked to be wider and 2 inches lower than stock. After I made my own 'bag cups and removed the stock upper spring cups, it sits lower than normal 'bagged xBs. I just cut into it to do the first bodydrop in hopes it will be the world's lowest."