This month's Ridin' Around winner will receive cleaning products from Armor All. Show season is here—there's no excuse to be riding dirty! For your chance to win, be sure to submit your truck's info and photos to

2000 Chevy S-10
Melissa Mayberry • Greensboro, NC

Melissa bought her S-10 brand new and has only driven it 10,900 miles! She has done 75-percent of the work on the truck herself and she has big plans for it in the future. Currently, the Dime is laying frame on 24x8 Touren TR-5 wheels, but it has been torn back down for an upcoming big block swap. We told ya she has big plans in the works! A completion date has been set for late 2013-early 2014, so be on the lookout.

LUV Affair
1978 Chevy LUV
Jason Hicks • Katy, TX

"My name is Jason Hicks, and this is my LUV. I've built a ton of minis and have always wanted a spot in the mag—been reading it since I was 12. Anyways, I'm hoping to get a place in Ridin' Around. I've done a lot more work since these photos were taken, so be on the lookout at a show this summer. Thanks and keep up the good work with the mag!"

New Frontier
2004 Nissan Frontier
Anthony Carri • Pasadena, TX

"I have an '04 Frontier that was featured in the December 2011 of MT. Since then I have repainted the truck twice, this last time was a complete color change on the truck. I have driven this truck cross-country several times. It's bagged and stock-floor bodydropped on 22-inch Milanni Bel Air 5 wheels. I worked for Ekstensive Metalworks, so the back half of the truck has been redone by myself. A black wood bed floor by Zane Stokes, the truck's previous owner, is currently under way. Thanks for looking."