This months Ridin Around winner will receive this cool custom image kit from 3M. Create a personalized image and apply it to your trucks painted surface, but dont fret. No adhesives are used in the application, so removal is easy breezy, lemon squeezy! For your chance to win, send photos and info to
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Wild Style
Jeff emailed us a while back saying; “I have a lot of quality shots, thought I would send a few of them over to see if you guys at Mini Truckin’ would be interested in using them somewhere in the magazine. Shout out to Douggie’s Chop Shop!” Sure, we can do that for you. That’s one mean motor scooter you’re building, keep up the good work dude!
1999 Chevy S-10
Roger Kailing • Marne, MI

Runner Up
Peachey Keen
We love getting mail from readers overseas. Daniel Peachey from the upside down land of Australia writes in and tells us; “Sup dudes? Just wanted to send in a couple of pics of my ’99 Hilux daily. I’ve had it for nearly 10 years and have done all the chassis, bodywork, and pinstriping myself (with the help of my homies of course) and hopefully I’ll have it forever! I’ve been reading your mag for over ten years and it’d be cool to see it in there :-)” Wicked cool truck daddy-o, diggin’ the old school flavor!
1999 Toyota Hilux
Daniel Peachey • Craigieburn, Melbourne, Australia

Runner Up
Way Up North
This is my Mazda that I bought two years ago. I have since lowered it about 2½ inches up front, and 2 in the rear. It’s rolling on American Racing 15-inch mags, and the motor now has a Weber 32/36 carb with a Pace Setter header going into a 2¼ exhaust. I swapped in the old school tailgate and put on a B2600 hood and aftermarket tailights too. Next will be some better seats, window tinting, and possible future rotary engine transplant. Cheers!”
1988 Mazda B2200
Greg the Canadian • Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada