‘Bagged In The Bush
"I'm a long time minitrucker and fan from way Down Under, and would love see to my truck in the magazine. My Rodeo is ‘bagged at all four corners, painted Paradise Blue with metal flake dark blue scallops, pinstriping, and airbrush work done by Ben from State Of Art. Most of the bodywork and ‘bag job were done by myself and my buddies at Rural Creations."

1994 Isuzu Rodeo Pickup
Clinton Blaess
Adelaide, Australia

Full Coverage
"I've had this truck for 15 years, and have always wanted it in Mini Truckin' mag. Actually, it was in the mag once when you guys covered the Canadian Truck Nats a few years ago, but it was yellow at the time. I would like to see it in the mag with some of the new mods I've done to it. It's bodydropped, rolls on 15-inch Smoothies, has suicide doors, a '50s hood for cowl, Caddy lights frenched in, and a custom interior."

1985 Chevy S-10
Tim Atkinson
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

LUV Me Long Time
Collin bought this truck 4 years ago for a measly $300, and in that time the LUV has become his non-winter daily driver. It's static dropped 5/6, riding on 17-inch wheels, and the interior features suede door panels, a new dash pad, and a cardboard Bud Light headliner. Aside from some bodywork done by Collin's friend Jamie, the truck is a home build. Collin tells us, "I'm tearing it all down to the frame soon, but it's staying static dropped."

1976 Chevy LUV
Collin Wicker
Mt. Vernon, OH

Terrance's Wet Dream
We aren't being pervy sickos here … even though we really are. "My Wet Dream" is the name of the truck. It has an aquatic theme as you can see from the paint on the tailgate. Terrance tells us, "the truck used to be awesome, but over the years it has been abused but I've been busting my ass trying to bring it back." This 'Zu has two Red's hydro pumps with four dumps, a torsion bar setup, and a paintjob that Terrance wouldn't dare of changing. "I am about 80-percent done with the restoration. This truck has finally found its life-long home with me."

1992 Isuzu P'up
Terrance Goodroad
Aurora, CO