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Slayin' Dime
Jeff write in and says "My S-10 has a stock V-6, but soon to be a 383 stroker with a turbo 350 trans, it's currently 'bagged on 20s and 22s with a cantilever rear setup and a Thorbecke Brothers front setup. It has a full custom interior, fiberglass dash, and lots of stereo goods." Looks good, Jeff! Keep on minitruckin'!

1994 Chevy S-10
Jeff Lee
Smalltown, USA

The front end of this Bow Tie was taken back to a '94 grille shell for the sole reason of being able to run a phantom grille. Alfie's Blazer lays frame with A/C thanks to a custom three-link designed by Afterhours Fabrication, and sits on a staggered set of 18/20 Coys C-56 wheels. With suede and leather touches inside the cab, and painted and powdercoated detailing under the hood, this one is creepin' on coming up big time.

2003 Chevy Blazer
Alfie Defelice
Dirty Jersey

Stinky Pinky
Roni Underwood's S-10 is his daily driver for most of the year. And being where he's from, that's a tough job for any vehicle to handle. It currently rests on a set of 18-inch wheels, rocks suicide doors, and has some custom sheetmetal work in the bed as well as inside the cab. When the weather gets really crappy this winter, Roni plans on parking it in the garage and starting the bodydrop.

1991 Chevy S-10
Roni Underwood
South Charleston, WV

Maple Leaf Maz
"Hey, my name is Geoff, and this is my B2200. It's sitting on 18-inch Eagle Alloys, is fully shaved, has a 4Runner front bumper, a Targa top, tilt, bed, and a custom hood scoop. I have a motor swap planned once winter hits." Damn, Geoff, you're keeping it gangsta! Keep up the good work!

1987 Mazda B2200
Geoff Mayes
Pickering, Ontario, Canada