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Keepin' Cool
"I live in North Pole, Alaska. Yes, Santa Claus does live here. Unfortunately, I only get to drive it a few months out the year since it gets parked in the winter," Ray tells us. He's owned this truck for 20 years, and it was initially put to work in the pumping and thawing business. After retiring his Dime from duty, Ray has dropped the suspension 5/6, slapped on a set of Weld Racing wheels, and cleaned it up inside and out.

1983 Chevy S-10
Ray Richards
North Pole, AK

Noobie Brother
CJ tells us, "In 11 years of driving, I've been in primarily Euros. When I got the 2200, I immediately met some incredible people. Few people ever offered so much help with tools, parts, or friendship when I had my Dubs and whatnot." To lower the truck, a set of 3-inch blocks were used, and the torsion bars were indexed. Staying true to the Mazda name, CJ selected a bench seat from a 626 and a late-model B2600 steering wheel to update the interior. "I also bolted on a roof rack for sh*ts and giggs."

1990 Mazda B2200
Lynnwood, WA

Bow Tie Bombed
There really isn't much that Nick hasn't done to his Colorado. It's been static slammed, rolls on 20s, breathes easier with a K&N intake kit, features Hummer H3 seats and center console and painted dash, and the exterior skin has been spray painted to perfection. Future plans include a full air ride system complete with a custom frame from the engine mounts back, suicide rear doors, and the reinstallation of the front diff to make it a functional 4WD again.

2005 Chevy Colorado
Nick Zubke
Lannon, WI