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    This ridiculously radical Ranger's suspension features a six-link rear setup and I-beam frontend. It prowls the avenues like a champ chasing a chump on 20-inch KMC Slides wrapped in 235/35/20 Federal 595 series rubber. Passengers are welcomed to a full tan tweed interior complete with touches of giraffe print for an unexpected exotic atmosphere. Tyson's future plans include a bodydrop, A-arm conversion, full tube back half, and an '07 front clip.

    1995 Ford Ranger
    Tyson Cummings
    San Pedro, CA

    P'd Off In Pink
    This chick's little truck ain't no joke. It's packing a 350 powerplant underhood, rockin' suicide doors, and is sporting a cut down Hardbody front bumper and a full tailgate skin and smooth roll pan at the rear. Told ya Amber isn't playin'.

    1989 Chevy S-10
    Amber Boyd
    McMinnville, TN

    Cruisin' 'Rado
    Jake writes in and tells us that he's been a longtime reader of the magazine. Aww, how sweet! Then he tells us his 'Rado has been dropped another 2 inches all around on top of the Xtreme suspension package, but he plans on going 5/6 when his notch is finished. Yep, he's pretty happy with the way his truck is coming along. And with a cool list of upgrades, including tons of performance and interior mods, he has every reason to be giddy.

    2007 Chevy Colorado Xtreme
    Jake Raleigh
    Whitesburg, KY