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Snazzy S-Series
Lee's '89 GMC S-15 is one mean mother. Not only is it 'bagged and 'bodied, but its bed has been given a full sheetmetal treatment, and the interior has been pimped out with leather seats and a metal dash. And underneath the cowl hood is a '95 4.3L Vortech engine just ready to rip and roar!

1989 GMC S-15
Lee Runles
Morristown, TN

“I am 24 and I have been building this truck for the past 9 years. When my dad died he left the truck to me. About a year after he died, I started work on the truck. It's been hard to keep working on it, since it was my daily for a while. I finally picked up a '90 Hardbody to drive daily so I can get started back on my baby. I am trying to save up the money to get the bodywork and paint done. Thanks!” –David

1992 Nissan Hardbody
David Brown
Somewhere, USA

Green Machine
Jeff Graham wrote in to us on behalf of his friend James' Toyota. Apparently James has been busting his balls for the last 8 years building the truck himself, along with some help from his buds in Wicked Revolutions. Being from a small town, the minitruckers out there in Lewiston have each other's backs.

1987 Mazda
James Lanpheir
Lewiston, ID