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First Timer
Jacob received this truck in bone-stock condition when he was 16. It was a gift from his dad, and since then it has only taken him two years to get it down low in the dirt. This is his first project, and he has customized it without any more funding from Pops. Jacob says that he gets a good response at the shows he takes his Dodge to, and rightfully so, since there aren’t very many of these models out there that are wheeling in the weeds.
Jacob Guthrie
Picayune, MS
1995 Dodge Dakota

Just Rollen
Brian Rollen has one of the coolest last names out there, and his Dime isn’t too shabby either. Brian and his dad built and painted his truck in a barn, if you can believe it. If you’re trying to piece together what’s going on with the front end, he blended an ’02 GMC grille and an ’01 Hombre front bumper. The S-10 has been bodydropped 3 1/2 inches and is rockin’ a Suicidedoors four-link with Firestone ’bags. Brian plans to tuck 20s soon and completely redo the interior.
Brian Rollen
Byron, GA
1990 Chevy S-10

Fresh Ford
Like most trucks built to this level, the modification that started it all was a simple lowering kit. Richard obviously wasn’t satisfied with the mild drop, so he brought it down lower with a parallel four-link with Panhard bar, 1/2-inch valves, Slam Specialties ’bags, two Air-Zenith compressors, and DJM lower control arms. In the near future, Richard plans to install a Mustang dash, bucket seats, and bodydrop his Ranger.
Richard Martinez
Wichita, KS
2002 Ford Ranger