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Red Xtreme

Owner: John Norris
Ride: 2001 Chevy S-10
Club: No Regrets

Buying this truck as an Xtreme model with 18s, John knew the body kit and small wheels had to go. The kit was ripped off, the firewall was tubbed, and a custom blower box was brought in to keep the A/C cold. Twenty-twos went on and forever changed the look of this now extreme Dime. John uses the truck for the shop and hauling dirt bikes, but he plans on even more mods are in the future.

Mobbin’ Mazda
Owner: Freddee B
Ride: 1987 Mazda B2200
Location: New York

Freddee has been into minitrucks for quite a few years, but his last truck was destroyed when he took it to a supposed reputable shop to have it switched over from juice to air. After losing his pride and joy, Freddee took a little break from trucks but when he saw this truck go up for sale he knew he had to own it. This truck is ’bagged and bodydropped, has a sweet convertible/hardtop and two-tone paint, and has a green/gray leather interior. Dig the old-school flavor!

Fab Ford
Owner: Douglas Huey
Ride: 1993 Ford Ranger
Location: Spring Mills, PA

This Ford features a two-pump Showtime hydro setup with four Diehard batteries, a rear four-link, DJM dream beams, a C-notch, and custom front and rear wheeltubs. The dash is covered in tweed, and a set of black leather buckets have been transplanted from a ’95 Cadillac Eldorado. Although Douglas bought the truck semi-modified back in ’02, he has done his part in taking it the rest of the way.