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The truck was purchased in '95 with 20K miles on it. Two days later, Kerry did a quick drop with blocks and torsion bars. It was driven on a daily basis before it was bodydropped. Kerry's truck was painted with a custom HOK Meteor Maroon and Solar Gold mix but will soon be in the hands of Brian "Lost Cause" Walker for some new Grant Kustoms sheetmetal, a new paint scheme, and some other goodies.

Kerry Nabors
Little Elm, TX
1993 Mazda B2200

Matt bought the truck in '06 and got to work on it the very first day. After getting the suspension dialed in and applying a quickie paintjob, he drove it for an entire show season. The bug to get back to work on it bit, and it went back to the shop for bodywork, interior, and paint. It's been the same now since the summer of '09 but will be coming apart for some new stuff this winter. Plans include new wheels, a custom fiberglass dash, along with a new interior.

Matthew Davis
Wilkes-Barre, PA
1994 Mitsu Mighty Max

Generation X
Being a proud Tacoma X-Runner owner, Dave was ready to increase the speed and make his truck handle like a dream. Dave started out with small mods like a recessed grille, a modest 3/4 DJM drop, and 19-inch wheels. Since speed was important to Dave, the engine was beefed up and is now pushing well over 350 hp to the wheels. Plans are being made for a sunroof, new wheels, and more paint and bodywork.

David Salas
Rolla, MO
2005 Toyota Tacoma