Northern Toy

Back in '04, this truck was not running and had lots of rust, but that didn't stop Pat from seeing the possibilities it held. Being 'bagged and powered by a supercharged 22R, this mini made for a nice show-runner once it was polished up a bit until Pat got a call saying there was a clean cab sitting in the States that was already bodydropped. Pat jumped on the opportunity, and the truck has been pieced together and is on its way to the paint booth. The Toy is looking to hit the scene with a whole new attitude from here on out.

Patrick Jobin
Quebec City, Canada
1990 Toyota Extra Cab

Orange Sherbet
Ryan received this truck as his 16th birthday present, and he always had plans to static-drop it as low as it would go. Well, you can see that plan didn't last long. One day, he was rear-ended, giving him the means to bodydrop and 'bag it, throw on some new wheels, and add a little color to its complexion. The Chevy will see even more changes in 2011!

Ryan McCord
Great Mills, MD
2001 Chevy S-10

Sweet 'N' Low
Bobby bought this, his first truck, 10 years ago for a measly 600 bucks. What a great opportunity for a cheap start with a great mini. The story of what this thing has been through could fill a book of its own, and to Bobby, it's still under construction. Future mods include finishing the details, some new paint, and to keep railing it with his wife and club members right beside him.

Bobby Eiland
Holley, NY
1985 Chevy S-10