Daily Pimpin'

Ryan decided that on his 26th birthday he was going to buy a Toyota Tacoma as a present to himself. Needing a clean, reliable daily driver, Ryan has just started working on the appearance of his new toy. He runs lower to the street with DJM control arms up front, PreRunner rear leafs, lowering blocks, and a custom rear notch performed by Brian Claunch from Streetacos.com all over a set of X-Runner wheels. With a good head-start, there are more plans for this Tacoma in the future.

Ryan J. Boutin
San Diego, CA
2005 Toyota tacoma


Raymond bought this truck a little over three years ago after he crashed his other Mazda. Just wanting to drop it like the first one he owned, he started off mild. But, Raymond eventually got the itch to 'bag it and bring it down closer to Mother Earth. After some saving, he bought the parts and installed them with the help of a couple of friends. Now his urge is growing stronger to turn his driver into a full custom, so be on the lookout for more of this killer B2500.

Raymond DeJesus
Howell, NJ
1998 MAZDA B2500

Back To The Future

With the great support of his wife Dee, the guys at Motion 3, and the members of Grounded 4 Life, Paul is working on bringing this feature mini back to its former glory days. After being in Mini Truckin' back in 1999, this truck went through years of neglect and abuse, but with time and support Paul will bring it back to the future with a little TLC soon enough.

Paul Lentz
N.E. Philadelphia, PA
1986 Toyota Pickup