The Oreo

Already having a standard-cab Tacoma for two years, Paul decided to do something different. He found a dual-cab in Cali and had it shipped to him on a pallet. Next, he found a used front clip, bed, and motor to make the dual-cab road-worthy. With help from Alfred at Down Low Customz, and luck on their side, this truck will be seeing sparks very soon.

Paul Izzo Monroe
Township, NJ
2000 Toyota Tacoma

Going Down

After buying the truck when he was 16, Speedy, like most of us, just planned on lowering it and having a nice clean daily. That lasted, oh, about a day or two. Now the plans are to stock-floor bodydrop the truck on big wheels, fully shave it, and build a custom frame with killer custom front and rear suspensions. It has all the makings of a great to-do list, so stay tuned.

L.B. "Speedy" Bauer
Sykesville, MD
1993 Ford Ranger

Big Shirley

After buying Big Shirley back in 2001, Vinnie tried to drive her around stock, but it turned out she was meant for a more modified life. So Vinnie took her down to Alfred at Down Low Customz to handle the duties of layin' her out on some 22s. With a handful of custom mods and a full interior, she's done-for now. On to the next project.

Vince Donnelly
Lindenwold, NJ
1992 Chevy Astro Van