S-10 Slayer

Steve Jaremkof is headed down the right track. Starting with SuicideDoors control arms and five-link, Steve got his truck on the floor tucking 18-inch Boyd Coddington Slayers. Next, he shaved the front and rear bed steps, tailgate handle, and other unneeded annoyances. With a full fiberglass console, amp rack, and sub box surrounded by chrome and billet, the interior is just as impressive as the rest of this Dime.

Steve Jaremkof
Wayne, NJ
1999 S-10 Ext. Cab Stepside

Blazin' Trails

Dave purchased this truck back in February of 2003, and he had no plans of modifying it as it's his daily driver. That lasted about a month. It started with small items such as clear corners and a Street Scene grille, then the 20-inch wheels and the 6-inch Superlift kit came next. Of course, that meant upgrading the gears and so on. So now he rolls this killer lifted Blazer as his daily cruiser and nothing gets in the way.

Dave Ruiz
Bloomfield, NJ
2001 Chevy Blazer 4x4

Tilt Dime

P-Nut and his fellow club members of Area 51 left nothing untouched on this first-gen. With mods like a full-tilt bed, custom frame by Macgyver, a 3-inch bodydrop, and powdercoated suspension, this truck is well on its way. With plans for a roll-down back window and choptop, this is one truck to be on the lookout for.

Julian "P-Nut" Rosales
Bakersfield, CA
1987 Chevy S-10