Dime Spent

After buying this truck stock and used back in 2002, it was not long before Stephen started the descent into minitruckin' madness. A set of Suicidedoors control arms and a five-link helped it hit the ground on 18-inch Boyds. A cowl hood and aluminum bedcover were added, an assortment of items were shaved, and the exterior was completely changed. The interior is also modified with fiberglass work to include the dash, box, and amp rack, and the perfect touch of billet finishes it off nicely.

Stephen Jermkof
Wayne, NJ
1999 Chevy S-10

Sublime Ranger

This Ranger was driveway-built from start to finish. Brian took this Ford to the ground with a full air suspension and a custom-built four-link to sit flat on 20s. He then proceeded to shave everything he could, including the mirrors, door handles, and tailgate. Topped off with a sublime green paintjob and some pinstriping by Fatt Jones, this is one killer Ranger.

Brian Rollen
Warner Robins, GA
1999 Ford Ranger

White Out

An electrician by trade, Brendan knew this truck needed to be Grounded 4 Life, and with the help of his good friends over at Motion Three that's exactly what happened. With a full boxed frame they stock-floored this truck to lie hard on a set of 18-inch Intro Twisted Vista wheels, and the result is the killer cruiser you see here.

Brendan Coyle
Philly, PA
2000 GMC Sonoma