Silver Back

Kenny's truck is a fine example of a clean, well-executed mini that was built to be used. With a 'bagged suspension laid out using a three-link to hit the pavement. You can find Kenny rolling the Jersey shore putting miles on those 18s. This is one ride you won't see parked for long periods of time, no matter the weather.

Kenny Hussmann
Toms River, NJ
1992 CHEVY S-10

Primered Dime

For the last nine years, this truck has been a part of the family. Growing and changing through good times and bad. Being wrecked a couple of times will always put a halt to completion, but with family, friends, Freaks, and the support of a wife like Jenn, Will continued this project. Now it's time to look forward to future plans of a body drop, full interior, and paint.

Will Jernigan
Las Vegas, NV
1995 Chevy S-10

Cherry Smoothie

Some trucks are just meant to be taken home and this truck is no exception. On the way home from just buying another S-10, this S-10 was found in mint condition in the woods, and JR just couldn't leave her to sit there and rot away. With friends like Martin, Carl, and the Grounded For Life fam, this truck will soon be sporting more metal and fiberglass work smoothing out this already super-clean ride.

J. Reining
Brick, NJ
1993 Chevy S-10