Suicidal Ghost

At first glance this ride looks like one really clean truck and you might think you could spot everything this truck has to offer. But this clean and laid out black S-10 comes with some hidden mods that you have to get up close to experience. Once this Dime has your attention, the details of the hidden multicolor ghost flames pop out at you, and if you get the chance for a ride the suicide passenger door will have you wanting more.

Mike Perreca
Trenton, NJ
2002 CHEVY S-10

Mango Smoothie

This 2000 Dodge Dakota started life as a black stock vehicle, but in the hands of Bradley things quickly changed. After shaving everything he could, and smoothing out the interior with fiberglass, Brad coated this body-dropped 'Kota with a new Mango Orange paintjob creating this very smooth and clean Dakota.

Bradley Dupkoski
Johnson City, TN
2000 Dodge Dakota

Mistress Madison

Kevin would like to thank his girlfriend for understanding all the time he spends with his mistress Madison. Like most of us, what started out as just one or two small things, quickly turned into an obsession for customization. Kevin's passion runs deeper than just great looks as he's got a big need for speed, so a Powerdyne supercharger was called upon. If you can catch him standing still, check out this fast moving Colorado.

Kevin Boavida
Westport, MA
2004 Chevy Colorado ZQ-8