Daily Pimpin'

For the last five years this truck has been a part of Jose's life. Driving it daily in sunny SoCal he sports a super low stance thanks to the crew over at M.I.C. laying this truck down right. Completing this look of a clean daily he flushed in a set of Cadi taillights while shaving everything else including the gas door, handles, third brake light, and more. Jose will be hitting the streets soon with new wheels and a finished interior.

Southern CA
1998 CHEVY S-10

Forgotten Ranger

Tim, as you can see, has no fear of going the extra step in customizing his truck. With an understanding wife and his family's support, he spends most of his free time working on his 1996 Ford Ranger. Tim, along with his Forgotten Souls members in Bakersfield, slammed his Ranger using a custom-made four-link to sit over the killer 19-inch Budnik wheels. Once the stance was on the way they shaved the truck, including a full skin out back. Be on the lookout as Tim prepares to lay out and bodydrop this Ranger with bigger wheels and new paint.

Tim Stevens
Bakersfield, CA
1996 Ford Ranger

Bumpin' Dakota

Here we have a clean and well-on-the-way Dodge Dakota for the Dodge fans out there. In New York it's quite hard to roll a custom truck and even harder to find good shops, so Mark did the majority of the work on his Dakota with more to come. It already sports an air system to tuck his 20-inch wheels and is shaved with custom graphics down the sides and on the hood. Mark is a minitrucker that likes his tunes bumpin', so with the help of a blow-through box sporting four 12s, you will probably hear Mark coming long before you see him.

Mark Burgio
1991 Dodge Dakota