The Internet Democracy

Well, we let our readers decide the fate of 2013’s top cover truck, show, and club … here is what the numbers told us:

2013’s Best Truck: Mark Hernandez’s ’99 Chevy S-10 — 42% (2,776 votes)
Best Club: Twizted Intentions — 45% (5,801 votes)
Best Show: Cruise To The Pines — 50% (5,844 votes)
Best Construction Zone: Chuck Healy’s 1988 Mazda B2200 crew cab — 30% (543 votes)

Congrats to all and remember this is a report of our Internet voting poll. These results were generated from votes from the general public, not us. We are merely the messengers.


To... Mini Truckin'
Cc... none
Subject: Manual Labor

Dear Mini Truckin’,

“Where can I find an M.I.C manual switch as found in the Raspewtin story? Any help would be great, thanks!”

Sun Prairie, WI


Yeah it’s cool to see these old school manual valves incorporated into a fresh build. Matt Sirbas, owner/builder of this S-10, told us that he looks high and low for these old M.I.C. valves and refurbishes them himself. He didn’t reveal his sources (and we don’t entirely blame him). What we can suggest is scouring minitruck community pages on Facebook and putting the feelers out there for someone looking to unload their old air wares. But if you want brand new parts, we can suggest looking at Little Larry’s manual valves ( They have close reproductions of M.I.C.’s original design. Good luck!

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