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East Indian Mini
This is a Mahindra pickup, and based on AOL's Autoblog, the T20 and T40 models have been heavily anticipated to hit U.S. soil for a few years now. Word on the Web is that there are talks about these weird little haulers being assembled in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, at a plant owned and operated by Navistar, an international truck and bus manufacturer. Mahindra and Navistar already have a joint operation up and running in India, according to Mahindra Planet, “The Unofficial Mahindra U.S. News Source,” and have had business deals dating back to '63. An estimated 2,000 employees are said to be working at the Alabama facility by 2015, and what they will be building at that point is still a mystery.

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Subject: Am I Screwed???

Dear Mini Truckin',
I was wondering if you guys could clue my dumb ass in. Why is it I can't find any static drop kits for an '04 Chevy Blazer lower than 3 inches? I'd like to slam my truck down farther without 'bagging it but can't seem to find anything. Am I pretty much screwed?
Machesney Park, IL


Thanks for writing in, and rest assured, you are not screwed. Actually, you are so far from being screwed, that all your worries about being screwed would instantly vanish if you knew just how unscrewed you really are. Anyway, look no further than The Suspension Source (www.thesuspensionsource.com) to solve all your problems. They offer a complete '98+ Blazer/Jimmy 5/6 lowering kit that includes 3-inch drop springs and 2-inch drop spindles for the front, and 3-inch leafs and 3-inch blocks for the rear. And don't forget to add Belltech shocks to your order! Slam that Blazer already, you have no more excuses!

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