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As you could imagine, we have TONS of unused images left each issue. The pics have been piling up and instead of keeping them locked away, we've decided to start up a Tumblr account to share some of these little gems with you. Be sure to check in and browse around the collection of photographic rarities and outtakes from over the last year or so.

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Subject: My Cousin, the Artist

Dear Mini Truckin',

My cousin, Bridgette Conner, drew an awesome picture of my boyfriend's minitruck. His name is Nick Whitmore of Kingman, Arizona, and he has a fully 'bagged '95 Nissan Hardbody. I was wondering what it would take to get it published in your magazine. We are subscribers to Mini Truckin' and would love to do this for her. I have a picture of what she did if you would like to see it.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider this request.
Deedra Taylor


Thanks for sharing with us. Looks like your little cousin has a good eye for drawing. With a little more practice, she'll be giving all the rendering guys some real competition. Take this as a fair warning, fellas!

Weld Help
Miller just released a free welding program at the iPhone App Store and at millerwelds.com/weldsettings. This calculator will provide suggested settings including wire size and wire feed speed, shielding gas, and voltage and amperage range. Finally, an app that is useful in the garage!

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