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Kick Back!
The Velvet Blog

We’ve stumbled on a cool little blog kept up by the Kicker install team based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma. They update the site with little glimpses and insights from their life behind closed doors of the Kicker facility. Log on and check out the many cool projects that find their way inside of the shop, check out how the crew installs their own products, and check out the show coverage they capture while on the road.

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Dear Mini Truckin',

I have made the front cover of your magazine before and I would like to know when and where the next shows are that Mini Truckin’ will be at? I have a new truck that you would like to see. It is a ’95 Chevy S-10 painted with a Spiderman 3 theme inside and out. I also dress up as Spiderman or Venom and do the car shows as such. Thanks.

Rosharon, TX

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for writing in! Heck yeah, we’d like to see some pics of your truck, but most importantly, we might be more interested in seeing your outfits. So you really dress up in hot, stuffy costumes out at shows in that steamy Texas weather? That takes some major dedication right there. Please send a few photos our way at mini.truckin@sorc.com. Stay cool, Jeremy!

A Final Goodbye
Nothing bums us out more than hearing about the loss of a fellow minitrucker. Jessy Gilkerson was 29 years old when he passed, but he left a lasting mark in his hometown of East Lynn, West Virginia. He was one of the first among his friends to own a ’bagged truck, and he dragged the hell out of his convertible GMC Sonoma. Jessy was laid to rest in Dickies, tube socks, and a copy of Mini Truckin’ magazine by his side. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Jessy.

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