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Dear Mini Truckin’,
I currently live in Memphis, Tennessee, and have had a hard time finding a custom shop that does custom work like air suspension and things like that. If you could please help me find a shop in the area I would greatly appreciate it.

William Smith

Just south of Memphis is Silver Star Customs in Horn Lake, Mississippi. They fabricate control arms, crossmembers, notches, brackets of all sorts, and can definitely help you with your air-ride project. Give them a ring at (662) 342-6763, or visit their website at silverstarcustoms.com.

If you look three hours to the east, you’ll find The Little Shop of Horrors in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. They can tackle sheetmetal projects, air-ride setups, and paint and bodywork, but you may have to sweet talk them into the last two. Check out their website, friendlychopshop.com, and see if it’s worth your drive.

Also, check out our official forums at forums.minitruckinweb.com and start a thread. You’ll get help from minitruckers in your general area.

Thanks for the email, William. Good luck.

We reported Shane Dudley being from Laurel, Michigan (Feb. ’11, Construction Zone), but he is actually from Laurel, Mississippi. Nobody is perfect, especially us. Sorry for the misinformation, and please keep us posted on the progress of your Tacoma project, Shane!

Browsin’ Around

At Kinetik, high-current car audio power cells are their specialty. Hook one up and turn up the volume. It can handle it.