On the topic of license plates, we just learned from SEMA Light Truck Accessory Alliance (LTAA) that some states that still require running two plates are considering eliminating the need for the front plate in an effort to save money. While this would be great news for custom-truck owners who want to legally streamline their front end, local law enforcement agencies are responding by saying that they'll lose millions of dollars because it will be tougher to identify traffic violators at camera-equipped stoplights and in areas patrolled by radar surveillance. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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Hey, I'm James from Cincinnati, and I was just curious what it takes to get in the Construction Zone portion of Mini Truckin'. I have a '92 Ford Ranger with a small-block and other goodies as well. What does it take?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, aside from requests for stickers (which we are out of at the moment, by the way). The best advice that we can give you is if you think your project deserves a spot under the limelight, take a stab at playing photographer yourself and get creative with the camera. Take a few shots that highlight some of your truck's unique qualities and send a few samples to Don't forget to try to select a cool background. What do you have to lose?

I just wanted to drop a line that may make you guys and girls laugh. I bought my 16-year-old son the red S-10 Xtreme in the background of your Layd Out at the Park show coverage-it's behind the yellow Mazda. This was the first real show he could legally drive to. He calls me one night from Wal-Mart, where all the kids hang out in the parking lot: "Oh god! My truck is in Mini Truckin' magazine!" I guess being in the background was just as exciting for Tyler as being in the spotlight for him.

Tracy Grubbs, Mini Truckin' mom
Harlan, KY

We can relate with your son's excitement, and we're sure he has gained some serious bragging rights over some of his buddies. Hopefully we'll be featuring his truck front and center sometime in the future. Thanks for writing in and supporting his minitruckin' habit!