Mini Trucker Custom Plates
We still need your help. We want to decorate wall-to-wall with custom license plates from every state and from around the world (eventually all the plates donated will go up on our website to vote on your favorites from each state). If you would like to help out and send us one of your extra custom plates, email for the details. This month we feature two killer plates: LWONAR from Allan Leen in Alaska and LUVITLO from Ronnie Nelson in Mississippi. We can't wait to see which ones come in next month!

R.I.P. Shaun Carlson
Honoring one of American motorsport's great innovators in one news paragraph is much too difficult. But we received the very sad news that one of MT's former editor's passed away from complicated heart conditions in October. From the minitruckin' community, to the sport compact car community, to the racing community, Shaun Carlson will truly be missed. Owner of NuFormz Racing, Shaun had a very colored history in the motorsports world. Ranging from being an editor on this very magazine and building the "Wood Runner" to building the first sport compact drag car with a tube chassis (and being the first FWD builder to run in the 9s and 8s) to racing professionally in both drag racing and drifting. Shaun was a great innovator and an amazing person, and will be sorely missed. To see a full list of Shaun's accomplishments in the world of motorsports, check out

Fast 411
-One inch of rain over one square mile is 17,378,700 gallons of water.
-Most lipstick contains fish scales!
-It's illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while you're sitting on a curb in St. Louis
-In a normal lifetime an American will eat 200 pounds of peanuts and 10,000 pounds of meat.
-Pound for pound, earthworms make up half of all animal life.
-The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

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