Street Ride Pro
There has been an exciting change in the world of air suspension products involving one of the leaders in the industry, Air Ride Pro. This company has been manufacturing and marketing air suspension products since 1992 from its headquarters in Mesa, Arizona.

Under the guidance of owner Joe Morrow, Air Ride Pro is in the process of redeveloping its company image and has changed the company name to Street Ride Pro, a move that better targets the hot rod and high-performance car and truck markets. Joe Morrow stated, "Our goal is to be market-specific with Street Ride Pro so we can fine-tune and develop the latest and greatest in air-suspension products, which will meet our audiences' growing demand for new technology in the coming years!"

Along with the name change comes additional internal and external company modifications, all of which are geared towards providing superior customer service and optimal tech support to the end consumer. An increased sales and support staff has been implemented and new tech instructions, with accompanying photographs and diagrams, are being prepared.

Street Ride Pro will also be unveiling an entirely new visual ad campaign to match its soon-to-be updated website, in order to provide its customers with the highest level of purchasing experience while researching the latest air-suspension products on the market.

The website will now be called and is looking forward to the next generation of air suspension technology. - An online magazine that will keep you busy for hours checking out some cool show coverage. - The place to find all of those hard-to-find minitruck parts.

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