Nitto Tire
Nitto Tire has launched a new and very impressive website. It's completely written in Flash, so it makes it a thrill to go from page to page. Not only can you read the latest on Nitto tires, you can also find the nearest Nitto tires dealer near you. Be sure to stop by and check out the tires that will fit your mini the best. Go to to check out the new website today.

Drag For A Cure
David McAughty's life came to a screeching halt when his beloved wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2006. Luckily, his wife triumphantly pulled through and kicked the cancer straight in the Jimmy.

David had a Nissan mini with a heck of a story as well. It also was a true survivor, a truck that David had kept lying around since he started building it in 1997, with the help of Bio Kustumz. Both are true survivors, and in honor of his wife and others like her, David has decided to build this truck with them in his thoughts. David is looking to put the names of other survivors painted in the ribbons throughout the truck.

To find out more on how to help with this build and be a part of it, you can go to David's page at David is still searching for more survivors to help by contributing, as well as some companies who would like to be involved, too.
Come by, check it out, stay for a while.
This is the place to get stuff framed, such as MT features or your favorite MT cover.
This is a minitruck club website you just gotta check out for some cool pics.

Annoying Fast 411
*Before exiting the elevator, push all of the buttons.
*Chew other peoples' pencils or pen caps.
*Touch strangers.
*Select the same song on the jukebox 50 times.
*Shake with your left hand

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