Owner: Brian Goude
Ride: 1999 Nissan Frontier
Hometown: Riverside, CA

This ain’t the kind of painting party your parents would want you to attend. Instead of coating white bedroom walls with an eggshell-finish, pastel nightmare, check out what can be done with everyday rattle cans and a few talented airbrush artists. No need to drop a fortune on spendy metalflake and candy paint to get a little attention. Take it from Brian Goude, once you go graf, you won’t want to go back: “I have always loved graffiti art and wanted a simple yet different paint scheme for my ’99 Frontier, but I was also after something that was quick and affordable.”

Mike Eshelman of Painter Shak jumped on the opportunity to paint the Nissan’s driver side, Matt Hutcheson hooked up the passenger side, and Blake Mora handled the hood and tailgate. Each painter has his own distinct style, which is clearly apparent when looking at the Frontier from every angle. Brian not only captured these stills of the entire transformation process, but he compiled hours of video footage into a 5-minute beginning-to-end montage of the guys in action.

Check out the GrinderTV live-action feature video on the GrinderTV You Tube channel. Special thanks go out to Mike, Matt, and Blake for their artwork, John O’Neil for his help with the cameras, Transtar Paints, Kinetik Audio, and Universal Air Suspension.