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1977 Mini Trucks

Mini Truckin's Construction Zone showcases 1977 mini truck projects in development. See what these masterpieces in the making look like before they hit the show scene.
2013 Spring Fling Car and Truck Show
In my thirteen years of covering shows for this mag, I have come to realize there is no other show... more
Chevy LUV Floored! And More - Junkyard Jewel
With much of the heavy fab on the Chevy LUV done, we had no choice but to finally get to work on... more
2001 Isuzu NPR Mini Semi
This Isuzu NPR work truck belongs to a guy who has purposely tucked himself into an unseen corner... more
Ridin’ Around Readers' Rides - May 2014
Check out this months Ridin’ Around Readers' Rides featuring a Volkswagen Caddy from Germany, a... more
1997 Chevrolet S-10 - On The Job Training
Daniel Heman had the chance to tinker with a few of his own projects, but none have matured like... more

Mini Truckin Web Blog

Honda N Box+ Commercial
 Yeah, the Honda N Box+ looks spacious and has a ton of utility potential. But the best thing about... more
Mini Truck Fleet Update
 All quiet on the blog-front, I see. ... more
Table of Contents: January 2013
 The first 2013 issue is on sale now!... more
Table of Contents: December 2012
The December 2012 issue is available online now!... more
2012 Cover Trucks
 It's time to submit my nomination for the 2012 Cover Truck of the Year. ... more

Mini Truckin Web Forum

My 1977 Toyota Project
Just picked up truck 2 months ago. This is what ive done to it so far. Hit me up on what you think,... more
My 1977 Toyota Project
nice lux! i'm building one myself (73 model), if you haven't found it yet is... more
My 1977 Toyota Project
Hey Night ryder have you found Toyota minis yet? What state ya in?... more
My 1977 Toyota Project
very nice i like the 79-83 also wish i could get an old 70's yota in my neck of the woods... more
1975-1977 Toyota Pickup for sale
I have this two tone- blue silver 1975 or 1977 Toyota pickup in the blackberry briars and all the... more
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