As we reached the 20-year mark of Mini Truckin' magazine, it made me wonder about the next generation of minitruckers. What will they build and what will they drive? Will our lifestyle and hobby disappear in the next few years, or grow stronger? It seems from the extinction of new minitrucks by manufacturers, we can only wonder what the future will hold. But then again, I've seen hot-rodders, who are still finding Model As in barns to this day. So, could there be stashes of minitrucks somewhere, too? My hope is that as long as there are minitrucks floating around, somebody is going to cut them up. Maybe Ford or somebody will start importing those weird minis from Asia, which we don't get in the States, to help us deal with these pricey gas years.

But, back to the future generation. This brings me to the kids of minitruckers. Some parents, who were vannin' and minitruckin' back in the '70s, have kids who are now rocking a mini, following in their parents footsteps. Many of my fellow minitrucker friends have kids now, who hang out with the club and go to the shows, too. Will this have enough impact on the next generation to direct their future rides? Will they stick to it and love it as much as we do? I know with every opportunity granted, my rug rats jump into the truck or run around in the bed. I don't plan on pushing my kids to love it the way I do, but I hope they will at least appreciate their dad's lifestyle and hobby. I suppose, as long as my kids are happy and healthy, I don't care what kind of cars or trucks they like.