Recently, a couple of friends and I got the chance to take our rides to a local show. It was about a 15 minutes drive from my house, and the weather was a bit chilly on this November day. It was the final show for my show season and a good kickstart for the holidays. Christmas will have already passed by the time you are reading this, but the show was a one-day cruise-in style show to raise money for Toys For Tots, a charity raising money and toys for underprivileged kids and families in need during the holiday season. The show was a small event hosted by David Sampson and the South-East Freaks of Nature guys. Roughly 60 vehicles entered and raised about $1,200 in toys and donations.

While hanging out mingling, several conversations were brought up regarding how nice it was to attend a show for a single day. No suitcases. No airfare. No tow pigs. No trailers. No hotel reservations. It brought a few of us back to a time where hanging out in a parking lot was just as important as attending a big three day show. Even though we all love multi-day shows, some of us can’t handle the expense or the time off of work it takes to attend them all summer long. Let’s face it, not everyone has the loot to plop down for a three- or four-day weekend full of awesomeness.

If you have the coin and time, nothing is better than loading up, hitting the open road and meeting up with friends from across the USA (and often the world). It’s a place to meet new folks, shake some hands, see new builds, and see friends that you normally don’t get the chance to see. You just can’t beat the vibe and fun at a show, but some of these events aren’t for everyone nor can everyone afford to make these pilgrimages.

Small local one-day shows are still a place to do those very things and often with an eclectic mix of folks from your area. The shows often contribute to local charities, celebrate local traditions, or just embrace the feel of neighborly love. Drop Em Wear has hosted a one-day event in the fall for the last several years. What started as a weekend show has ended up being a more personal and popular single-day event, and it continues to grow and has been a hit on the East Coast.

So whether you are into traveling cross-country for a week or staying close to home for the afternoon, there is a show out there for you. Even if you aren’t into shows, plan a gathering at a local park with your minitruckin’ pals and fellow gear heads. Until next time, get together and have a great time doing it!