SEMA just ended last week, ahhhh now it’s time to take a deep breath and ride out the rest of the winter and fatten up on turkey and other holiday fattiness. This time of the year is bittersweet for us. It’s nice to relax and get caught up on office crap and family time, but it’s kind of drag not skipping town for a show for a few months. As hectic as the summertime can get around here, the whirlwind of traveling and countless photo shoots and parking lot hangouts in the middle of nowhere has its charm.

One thing that is a year-round activity for us is finding cool features to share with you. So like a squirrel and his stash of yummy nuts, let’s check out some of the goodies we’ve been hoarding nearly all year long. First off, we have Ron Perkins’ DEBLAZD, which we shot last April. Keeping it under wraps for so long has been an exercise of extreme patience, but we chose to run it now as a reminder of what the spring will have in store for us. It’s the light at the end of our freezing cold tunnel. This truck is hot enough to thaw any snow beast’s icy heart. But just in case it’s not, we got backup.

“People Don’t Notice Whether It’s Winter or Summer When They’re happy.”
—– Anton Chekhov

One, particular piece of ammo that we’re packing this month isn’t really a minitruck. Actually, it’s probably the furthest thing from it—size wise anyway. Ok, so it’s pretty much a semi truck but it has the essence and spirit of a minitruck. Its presence marks the beginning of a series of stories that will surround some serious oddball builds. These stories will be simply stamped with an MT Approved marking but you’ll know ‘em when you see ‘em. We see so many different types of builds that are aligned with our way of thinking but their appearances have kept them from being showcased here or anywhere else for that matter—until now. You’re going to see some wacky stuff from time to time, so get ready.

Time’s almost up, but before you turn the page, take note of my email address— Send me some previews of what you’re working on this winter. I can pretend that I’m at a virtual truck show where everyone from across the continent will be attending. It’ll be good to see what we can look forward to featuring once we get back on the road. See ya in the inbox!