Off The Wall
There’s one thing you tree huggers need to realize, Corey … trees don’t hug back. Like, ever. What were you doing that deep in the woods with your truck anyway? Maybe you were out hunting squirrels or something. Those little varmints run like the dickens. Hope that wound heals soon!

Ball and Chain
Hey Mini Truckin’!

Just wanted to say thanks for putting us in November 2013 Ridin’ Around section (the engaged couple with the Rangers).

We are now officially married and have started our Mini Truckin’ honeymoon! First stop was Drop Em Wear’s First Sixth Annual, and our other shows include Lay’d Out At The Park, Mini Truckin’ Nationals, Spring Showdown, G4L One Day Slam, Southeast Showdown, End of Summer Bash, and will conclude back at Drop Em Wear’s show!

Looking forward to a great year full of minitrucks. Look for us in our Mini Truck Honeymoon bride and groom shirts!
-Rich and Kylie

Congrats guys! It’s great to see two lovebirds that are both so passionate about hitting the road and making it out to awesome events. See ya around!
Love, MT

And we thought the days of segregation were over. What’s your problem with minitrucks, Nebraska? Hmm? How is all your precious corn supposed to get husked without farm equipment? More importantly, how are the kids supposed to get any culture without minis? We want answers, damnit!