We’re a generation of TV-watchers, so let’s gear this story towards something familiar—watching things happen on a big glowing screen. There’s so much garbage out there, it’s important to cut out the crap and only make time for the good stuff.

Well friends, we’re following our own advice here and focusing on said good stuff. So without further static, let us introduce you to Nick Crouch, Will Freeman, and Lindsay Freeman—otherwise known as the Surface DVD crew. Their latest release Milestones is out on DVD now. Grab a copy ASAP. Buy one for your mom too.

Mini Truckin’: For those who don’t know you guys/girl, how about a quickie intro?

Nick: I’m the man behind the behind the editing, I also do a lot of filming and photography. (For those who mix Will and I up, I have no hair on my head and glasses, and Will has lots of hair and glasses, so stop calling me Will and him Nick.)

Will: I’m Will! Nick is my best friend and Lindsay is my sister. I’m the co-creator of Surface, I film and photograph, and I’m also the one responding to you on Facebook even though you all think it’s Nick at first.

Lindsay: I’m usually the one taking pictures of your rides at shows, talking you into buying something at the booth, or the one you see hanging out of a moving vehicle.

MT: Well, let’s jump right into it—what makes Milestones different from the rest of the Surface videos?

Nick: We’ve stepped away completely from video cameras for this DVD, it’s filmed entirely on Canon digital cameras, other than that it’s still the same old goodness. This time around though we are definitely trying to give each of the videos in the DVD their own little theme or mood, using different filming and different editing and different filters on the videos.

Lindsay: It’s level 12 badassness

MT: What were some inspirations going into the making this latest project?

Will: We actually took some inspiration from Instagram. A well-applied filter can completely change the feeling a video gives you. This volume is all about the look.

Lindsay: I get a lot of ideas from watching documentaries along with skate, BMX, and other extreme sport videos. They tend to get really cool shots you wouldn’t think of and it makes me want to recreate it with trucks.

MT: Are there any new shooting or editing methods you tried while capturing footage?

Nick: It was very cool to be able to film with my 50mm lens. It gives shots that movie feel where only the subject is in focus and nothing else. We also discovered some very interesting editing tricks that can be done to bring GoPro footage to life that I don’t think anyone has bothered to try, simple as it was it needs to be done more often, you will have to watch the video to find out.

Lindsay: We worked in a lot of shots in strange places to show how things are actually working and moving on the vehicle rather than just gliding past the exterior.

MT: The slick use/editing of GoPro footage is noticeable. So what’s your favorite 5 minutes of the film?

Nick: I’d have to say Eddy’s green Tahoe mainly because the day started out as a disaster. We flew all the way to Texas to shoot his truck and we meet up and it was pouring rain, but we shot it anyways. Lenses got fogged up and my camera was drenched in water, I wasn’t sure if I was destroying it for nothing but it turned out to be some of the most interesting footage on the DVD.

Will: Uncaged Rat: Mike Partyka’s ’31 Ford feature. There’s so much going on with this edit that no one will notice. I think it’s a prime example of what makes our videos different. It’s the video of ours I’m most proud of to date.

Lindsay: The show mix. It’s got a fun song and a good vibe through it and a lot of the footage is from around here in Arizona so it makes me smile seeing my friends riding around having a good time.

MT: Being that you closely examine custom vehicles of all sorts, what trends (or stuff in general) really grabs your attention?

Nick: It’s all about the details that you’re only supposed to find if you go looking for them, like mods in a doorjamb or welds on the suspension. I really like mods that are meant to look stock like a door handle from a different vehicle mudded to fit instead of shaving the door. I also love under construction because it leaves things to my imagination.

Will: The little things show that the builder really takes pride in every part of their project even if most people might not even take notice at first look.

MT: You guys usually do a great job at selecting tunes for the soundtrack. Any insight into the batch selected this time around?

Nick: We try a little harder to stray from the norm. I hope we introduce you to your new favorite band.

Will: We’re constantly looking for new music. I don’t think I’ve listened to a song in the past eight to ten years that I wasn’t mentally pondering if it would work for a video. Many fans have told us they actually did find their new favorite band from watching our DVDs.

Lindsay: The three of us really have a broad range of music we listen to so we usually make a track list of songs we like over the years and when it comes time to edit, we start picking through the batch and see what works best. I don’t think people realize just how much time goes into song selection and making the footage go perfect to every beat.

MT: Have you ever thought of doing video projects more frequently instead of waiting every few years for a DVD release?

Nick: We could make a DVD after a year of filming but you will only get to see five car shows and three features. And it will be the coolest 20-minute DVD you’ve ever seen but no one wants that. We are more into taking our time and making a movie that to have a video magazine feel.

Will: HA! We don’t intend to take as long between releases as it sometimes does. Don’t forget videos are only a part of what we do. For us, these are big art projects. They take a lot of work and we are very specific about how we want things to be presented to the viewers. Some DVDs come quick like video magazines. I kinda see us making albums like a band. Also, we all have day jobs. If making videos was paying the mortgage you bet we’d be dropping them annually. I hope that day is just around the corner!

Lindsay: Like Will said, we all work regular jobs like everyone else to pay the bills. This is just a giant art project for us to make for you to enjoy :)

MT: Building on Will’s analogy of the rock band thing, we see you guys as the MotÖrhead of the minitruck film camps since you’re a trio. You guys can fight amongst yourselves on who gets to be Lemmy. Any last words?

Nick: I’m proud to have had the opportunity to do this for 10 years now with my friends, can’t wait to start bigger projects.

Will: I want to give a shout out to every other crew or individual who is working hard and producing car and truck videos like us. They keep us on our toes and we appreciate that. Also, Brianne rocks!

Lindsay: I just want to say thanks to all the fans and friends we have made over the years. Even when it takes a few years for a DVD to come out, you all stick with us! You guys rock!