November 1992 • Volume 8 • Number 6

Some time ago (MT July 2013 issue) a gentleman by the name of Corky Wilson wrote into the magazine about his Truxarosa project. The response given to him wasn't 100-percent in his favor, but sometimes emotion and cynicism in the written word get lost in translation. Although there was no ill will intended in the response towards Corky, it still wasn't highly favorable either, but he took the reply in stride. He later told me, "I could see what everyone else saw. I thought the mag responded semi rudely BUT I can also step to the other side and put myself in the magazine's shoes. I also take criticism very well. I don't let it get me down. Old School minis are rare enough, and the Truxarossa even more so. It's pretty common for the average person to dislike it. I didn't get involved with this type of build with high expectations of everyone loving it."

Now, Truxarossas are one of those modifications that you either love or hate. As for me personally, I hated them in the '90s, but they have grown on me in recent years. Their rarity has played a part for the thaw, and I'm sure others may feel the same way. It's kind of like the Plymouth Superbird—one of the ugliest, rarest, badass, yet kinda cool cars ever made.

The Truxarossa body kit styling was inspired from the Ferrari Testarossa, and was designed as a joint effort by Picollo, Ratical (AIM), and Kel Nelson. [One of the most famous Truxarossas named "Lucille”, was a Chevy S-10 complete with dancing bed and hydraulics, which appeared in the Kid-N-Play movie Class Act]. The kit contained approximately 15 pieces and was designed for several compact truck models including the Mazda B-series, S-10 pickup, Toyota pickup, and even the S-10 Blazer. It was no easy feat to install one of these kits as the side scallop faux vent pieces ran along the bedside and onto the door. The kit also widened the rear of the truck to a rather tremendous width over the factory measurement. The kits were somewhat adaptable and have been seen on anything from the Jeep Cherokee to the Isuzu P'up. Anyone I have ever talked to in the past or recently that had performed this mod states that it was much like turning a Fiero into a Lamborghini.

Mini Truckin' November 1992 issue, Volume 6, Number 6, featured Godfather Custom's '88 Mazda B2200—the Mazdarossa. The Mazda boasted a Ratical convertible top, Toyota Celica mirrors, custom interior, lowered static suspension, big and little 15-inch Ultra tri-fan wheels, all red Ferrari red paint, and a tailgate mural airbrushed by Sean Burnley of Bodyshot Customs in Hartford, Georgia. Sean's work can still be seen in recent issues of MT.

Over the last couple of years, many have surfaced in shambles, some have been rescued, and a few have actually been uncovered in fairly good condition. David Perfater is currently rehabbing a '90 Nissan D21 Hardbody Truxarossa funnily enough named "Lucille”, and is currently using it as a daily driver, and Corky Wilson's pride and joy is a '90 Mazda B2200 appropriately named The Autobot. While the body kit isn't everybody's cup of tea, it's still a flavor that's worth recognizing. This piece is, after all, a piece of minitruckin' history, whether you like it or not.

Until next time, know where you've been, and you will always know where you're headed!

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