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You saw Marissa Marie's Nissan Hardbody featured last issue, now check out her cool new ink stain. Lookin' good ma'am!

Stanky Steinke was the first to send in a tattoo pic of this new rendition of our old school logo, and we must say, it looks great. Hopefully more will surface, so if you or someone you know has one, be sure to email photographic evidence to

Off The Wall
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Maybe you're on to something here, man. Little girls have paper dolls, why can't little dudes (of any age) play with paper trucks? Just cut us in on a consulting fee when you make it big. Does a 60/40 split sound reasonable?

Dear Logan,
You snapped some great pics there, sir. And that is a mighty clean Dime, too. Anytime you want to share more of your snapshots, you know where to send them.