Don’t Forget To Wipe
“The World’s Toughest Wipes” are the revolutionary Tub O’ Towels are quickly becoming the truck and off-road enthusiast’s top choice for knocking out tough grease and dirt in the garage, on the street, or at a show. The 10x12-inch towels feature nine different cleaners that individually help in attacking different types of grime. Get some!

Sound Shield
Heatshield Products has a lineup of new sound deadening goods that are sure to get your chest pounding. The db Suppressor dampening shield weighs 45-percent less than other products, yet possesses superior sonic energy loss capacity. The shield reduces interior noise levels while improving performance from auto sound systems by limiting panel resonance. The db Suppressor can be removed and re-installed easily. Cut out the junky noise, and enjoy the sounds you want to hear.

Pound Sand
3M’s innovative Clean Sand System features a unique sanding block with air control collar and unique vented design filters dust and debris particles for easier cleanup and less mess to clean. The system conveniently attaches to most shop, household, and dust vacuum hoses for even better results. The complete kit comes with the Clean Sand Block, air control collar, 8-foot flex hose, and Vacuum adapter.