MidSize, Large Price

Based on a recent study by Black Book, the lack of midsize pickup options on the market is driving up the retail cost of used models. During the month of June, used vehicles from model years '07-'11 depreciated an average of 1.3 percent across the board, except for midsize pickups of the same year. The value of these bad boys decreased by only 0.7 percent on average. During the past year, those same cars depreciated by 13.7 percent while midsize pickups only dropped 5.1 percent in their value.

Ricky Beggs, senior vice president and Managing Editor with Black Book, says midsize pickups are holding their value better than other products on the market due to the fact that there are so few brand-new options available. Currently, only Chevrolet, Nissan, and Toyota offer midsize pickup trucks, and as you know, there isn't a true minitruck class that exists in the U.S. market.

If you own one of these midsize pickups, hold on to them, and you can bank on them holding their value better than any other vehicle on the street.

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Dear Mini Truckin',

"Wow, I am so lovin' the issues that are coming out with all the first of the first minitrucks. I've been so into it that I have been trying to find old copies of the mag on the web for sale. With that being said, if you can, would you please do a retro type mag of the OG's of Mini Truckin'? I just read the page on "Raw Deal", and it would be cool to gets these survivors back into the spotlight for their last run of the foldouts. These young whippersnappers don't know what it was like back in the day!"



Hey 2thpic,

Good to hear from you again, man. On old school throwback issue would be amazing to put together. We actually tried to incorporate more classic material in our three 25th anniversary issues, but we tried to keep a healthy balance of the past and present. Nothing sounds cooler than seeing our old pink logo on the cover, innovative trucks from the '90s, and awesome tech stories of these innovations taking form. As we've been digging up any and all info on these classic builds, a surprising number of them remain intact, and are still being cared for. And as you would imagine, a ton of them have rotted away in fields and bone yards across the country never to be heard from again. Stay tuned, sir.

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