There has always been a few running jokes in the minitruckin' world that "friends don't let friends drive 4x4s", "low guys can't get it up" or that "lifted guys don't go down". Once upon a time, you could make these comments while standing among your buddies or club members who had full-blown show stopping monster minis and no one would get offended. It seems not to be the case in recent years. Maybe it's a change in views, change in tastes, or possibly it's the influx in social media hatred. For myself, sometimes I am the pot. Sometimes I am the kettle. I can be just as guilty as anyone in making statements about trends, clothing, or just an attitude in general, especially when it comes to the half lifted, half lowered trend these youngins call "tilt" (I'll leave that topic for my novel). Most minitruckers seem to understand, and more often than not, share my sarcasm or blunt outspoken sense of humor.

Setting my differences aside, I have noticed a growing trend that I can't understand—the hatred between the lifted and lowered crowd. I vividly remember a time at a show where almost every other truck was lifted. Myself and a few friends and club members stood among these guys and talked about, well, trucks! Often, there was the occasional stab at the size of one's manhood based upon whether his truck was low or lifted, but again, it was laughed off, and often was revisited at the next big show. Never once do I remember seeking out to hate on these big trucks in general.

A lot of these trucks, minus the suspension mods, carried the same custom values—wild paint, detailed motors, plenty of chrome, custom interiors, and most importantly … passion! Lifted trucks are still abundant and live among our little niche of 'bagged and 'bodied trucks, but I felt the need to revisit a couple lifted truck in this month's blurb to maybe lend a bit of harmony back among the lifted and lowered crowds.

While digging around with my buddy John Llado (who has had his fair share of lifted trucks), a few "famous" ones came to mind. After taking his direction to find these trucks in the archives, I couldn't help but notice that MT was host to a monster mini feature damn near every month for two plus years. This month, I leave you with a snapshot of a few trucks which we had discussed as being trucks that dominated the minitruckin' stage back in the '90s.

Until next time, build what you want, what makes you happy, what makes YOU proud!