Scratching the Surface

Anytime we ask Nick Crouch of Surface DVD what he's been up to, he always responds with an email stuffed with killer attachments. Sometimes we don't share with you what he shares with us because it's either highly confidential material, or it doesn't exactly pertain to minitrucks. Well, this time, we are letting you in on all the good stuff. It's hard to say which rendering we're most excited to see come to life first but the old school 'Yota might have the other two edged out. The modest splashes of color are just enough to make the mostly blue exterior interesting enough to make a double take. That Mitsu is so simple and gorgeous though, as is the Dime. OK, we're officially in awe of this minitruckin' threesome.

Hard Luck

"Hey guys. I need a little help. Do you guys have any more stickers left? LOL"

Ben B.

Hey Ben. What the hell happened? You didn't fill us in on the details so our minds are running wild. Did someone break in and snag your system? Did the glass shatter from the massive amounts of dB's pushed out from your subs? Ah, who are we kidding? Stories like that never happen. Surely, a far less interesting force is probably to blame. Like falling debris from an alien spacecraft or maybe a shotgun blast taken while in a high-speed police pursuit? But since you didn't give us any details, we'll just assume it just spontaneously combusted because that's believable. Anyway, expect to see a fresh sticker in the mail, Ben!