Holy crap! Can you believe that summer is already OVER?! Hope you dragged your stinkin' carcass out to a few shows. Now that I'm a "grown up", they're all I really look forward to during this season. After graduating high school, I quickly realized how much I dislike the summer. For one, I hate hot weather. I know that a lot of you have it much worse than I do being a SoCal resident, but hey, I just wish it could be 73 degrees (22 Celsius) every day of the year. Secondly, the promise of an uninterrupted three-month kickback session is now long gone. Now, there's nothing but work, work, work. Growing old is really getting old.

But enough from the grumpy old man already. I'll put that half of my brain to bed, and focus on the kings of summer—the guys who embrace the muggy months for the sake of showing their completed project trucks for all to see. Because whether its 110 degrees out (43 C *making this story Canadian friendly), I can personally vouch that each of this month's feature truck owners are out there sweating it out at shows across their respective countries and back.

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghosts. -Henry ...

Oh, and one more thing about the feature truck four-pack this month—half of them aren't bodydropped. We've featured a few non-bodied minis in the last volume of issues—no biggie, but on the COVER?! Woah, now that's been a while. But we didn't select Mark Hernandez's Dime to be this month's frontrunner based on what it doesn't have. The reason why it was chosen was … wait, you know what? Flip ahead to read and see for yourself why it is where it is. These matters of taste are subjective anyway.

Also, join us as we go far back into the past (way further than you're thinking) to a trip to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. We stumbled across some of the first true minitrucks that were built in and imported into the U.S. I couldn't help but wonder what these trucks could've looked like if they ended up in the “wrong” hands—you know, in the clutches of guys like most of you who would've chosen to 'bag and chop 'em up instead of restoring them, which would be equally fantastic to see. Again, personal preference is suggestive, and unlike thee ole school days—there are no wrong answers here. (Well, almost.)

Hope you've had a bitchin' summer, keep in touch, call me, and other dumb stuff people write in yearbooks!