MT Loyalty

Matt Whitley shared his sweet MT piece via our Facebook page ( Lookin' good, sir—real good.

"It's always been one of my dreams to be in the magazine and my hands and arm are a good start. The truck was like our baby. I'm currently trying to look for it right now. It's in my name but I don't know where it is—very long and sad story. My good friend and teacher Greg Owens at Monster Ink in Mobile, Alabama, did this one for me." — Heather Taylor

Hard Luck
Mother Nature Is A Mother

"Well, last night I found out that Mother Nature has a hatred toward mini trucks. We had a severe storm come through my town and the 3-foot diameter tree in our backyard fell onto my truck. But it's OK, my sister's car was saved by my '99 Chevy S10 Xtreme. I had big plans for her. Since I'm 17, dollar bills come in far and few between so I have done small stuff. I planned on slamming it this summer though, but oh well, guess it's time to move on I guess. P.S. The Mini Truckin' 25th anniversary issue was on the dash covered in glass."
Daniel Doyle

Hey Daniel,
You know what? That damn lady doesn't show much motherly instinct at times. Man, that tree put a hurtin' on your ride, that's for sure. Hopefully your sis is showing her gratitude by driving you everywhere you need to go until you either get a new truck. Sorry our magazine didn't act as a natural disaster repellent, it has been known to do some magical stuff but would be no match for tornado strength winds. We wish we could help you out more, but we would like to send you a gift package from our pals at Mothers (no intended pun here, we promise). At least when you get your new whip, you'll have the tools to keep it looking mean and clean!